A note about my logo

People have asked me about my weird little logo. It's actually a scan of a rubber stamp I had made in the 70's. I used it to stamp the back of my prints. I found it and thought it would be cool to remind myself of my roots, rather than design some slick contemporary one.


My major focus is on lifestyle portraiture - not a boring studio setup, but rather experiencing new locations and ideas. Although lots of the work in my portfolio look as if it was done in a studio - it was not. I shoot on location and (upon request) in people's homes. I also tote around a full studio lighting setup, just in case.

When you view my portfolio, you'll notice there are a lot of images in there. Unlike most, I don't want to display just one or two images from a shoot - I want you to be able to see the variety that can be accomplished when imagination and adaptability are in the driver's seat.


I've been doing freelance photography for over forty years. I started in the impressionistic 70's - so my approach and style are a little unconventional. I began with a photojournalistic mindset and haven't veered too far from that. I thrive when I can improvise and adapt to my environment, rather than exhaustively plan a session.